5 ways to empower your team

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Oct 3, 2023

Strategy empowerment: 5 ways to empower your team (and ensure more strategic impact)

1. Involve: Engage your team right from the get-go. Waiting until the end to communicate is a recipe for missed buy-in and incomplete trust. The journey starts with them.

2. Frame: Craft a crystal-clear roadmap that even a 7-year-old could grasp. If it's too complex, simplify it. Opt for a tracking method that's straightforward—no need for a cockpit with 356 flashing lights!

3. Communicate: Be transparent in your explanations. Share what's at stake, lay out the plan to tackle the challenge, and outline their role. They should be integral to the solution.

4. Trust: Implement a concise, measurable performance management model. But don't stop there; build it on a foundation of trust. Encourage autonomy and create room for contributions and influence. Ask your team how they can best drive the transformation, focusing on strategic initiatives and outcomes.

5. Transform: Guide your team through the inevitable and sometimes daunting change. Proactively manage the transformation process, welcoming and learning from failures. Remember, failure is a vital part of any transformation journey - failure is actually healthy (when you collectively glean insights and continue evolving!)

I'm sure there are more crucial points to consider. What would you add to this list?

Jump in and let's collaborate to further empower teams everywhere! 💪

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Author: Anael Granoux