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Dec 31, 2023

  • Strategic leadership rule #1: "The complexity of your strategy is directly proportional to the number of blank stares it generates in the boardroom."

  • Strategic leadership rule #2: "The moment you unveil your 'foolproof' strategy is the exact moment the market decides to change the rules."

  • Strategic leadership rule #3: "The more buzzwords you use in your strategy, the less likely it is to make any sense."

  • Strategic leadership rule #4: "The probability of your strategy going off without a hitch is inversely proportional to the number of spreadsheets involved."

  • Strategic leadership rule #5: "The chances of your strategy aligning with the CEO's 'vision' are roughly the same as winning the lottery while being struck by lightning."

  • Strategic leadership rule #6: "The length of a strategy meeting is directly proportional to the number of off-topic tangents and irrelevant anecdotes shared."

  • Strategic leadership rule #7: "The clarity of your strategy is inversely proportional to the number of PowerPoint slides it takes to explain."

  • Strategic leadership rule #8: "The more positive feedback you receive about your strategy, the more likely it is that someone misunderstood it."

  • Strategic leadership rule #9: "Your strategy will be outdated the moment you finish printing the final copy."

> Time to break some old-school strategic rules and ways of thinking
> Time to reinvent your role as a strategic leader

Author: Anael Granoux