Craft Your 20-Year Personal Strategic Plan

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Dec 31, 2023

your personal strategy
your personal strategy
your personal strategy

Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, or even 40 years?

I specialise in advising organisations, from small startups to large corporations, on their strategy.

And here's the truth: the same principles of strategy apply to individuals like you and me, striving to shape our desired futures.

Your vision for the future could be personal (ensuring a comfortable retirement at 65), familial (building a dream home for your loved ones), or even societal (contributing to a greener planet by reducing our carbon footprint). The choice is yours!

However, I've noticed that too many people simply wait passively for their desired future to materialise as if by magic. There are too few who apply the logic of business strategic planning and execution to their own lives.

That's why I'm challenging you, just as I challenge my employees, clients, and students. I want to inspire you to create your "personal strategy" using some tried-and-true business strategy practices:

🌟 Step 1: Start by taking a selfie using an aging app (yes, it can be a bit frightening, I admit).
🌟 Step 2: Define what will bring happiness to that future version of yourself (that is your strategic aspiration).
🌟 Step 3: Develop an action plan to close the gap (that is your roadmap to transformation)
🌟 Step 4: Identify a few actionable steps you can take right now (that is where you start the implementation phase)

Congratulations! You've just crafted your personal strategic plan 🎯.

Feel free to share your plan if you're comfortable doing so. I'm eagerly looking forward to reading your comments and supporting you on your journey.

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Author: Anael Granoux