Ever heard of the two CEOs

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May 1, 2024

🔍 Ever heard of the two CEOs?

👉 Meet the Chief Exploitation Officer (CEO): Tasked with sustaining growth in tough economic climates, this CEO navigates the challenges of today's business landscape.

But here's the twist: according to a recent survey "40% of global CEOs believe their organisations won't be economically viable in a decade if they continue on their current trajectory" ( The next 10 years are poised to bring more change than the cumulative changes of the last 100 years. Change is underway, whether welcomed or not.

💼 So enter the Chief Exploration Officer (CEO): This visionary is busy crafting the business model(s) of tomorrow in the face of unprecedented change.

💥 The CEO focused on optimising today's operations versus the CEO pioneering the future. It's a big dilemma! Which side of the battlefield are you on? Can you be both? In today's dynamic landscape, versatility is key. Are you ready to embrace the duality of leadership?

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