Exciting News: Unveiling the PS6

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Mar 1, 2024

A Simple Approach to Build a Strategy-Focused Performance Management Model

In the realm of performance management, we're challenging the norm.

"If you have more than five goals, you have none." - Peter Drucker. We (almost) follow his view.

> Focus on 3 strategic targets - no more: We advocate for a streamlined approach: focus on three strategic achievements only

> Focus on 3 strategic actions - no more: To ensure these outcomes, we're putting the spotlight on three strategic actions/initiatives only

Now, you might be wondering about the other important, urgent, day-to-day tasks. We believe in fair compensation for your team to handle these operational matters efficiently. At Strategy Reignited, we embrace a perhaps controversial stance: non-strategic matters should not be rewarded. Let's channel our focus and rewards towards strategy, promoting clarity on a select few stretch targets and strategic initiatives.

If we want a performance management model that drives value, it's time to shift the paradigm.

Introducing the PS6 - The Personal Scorecard 6 🌟

Author: Anael Granoux