Have you identified your Strategic Blind Spots?

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Dec 5, 2023

Have you identified your Strategic Blind Spots?

I'm truly impressed by VW's blind spot campaign, not only for its clever concept but also for its powerful visual impact, even if it's challenging to spot.

It's got me thinking about the parallels with my area of expertise. There are numerous strategic blind spots out there, and I'd like to highlight a few of the most prominent ones:

  1. Workshop Blind Spot: Instead of fixating on the surface-level spectacle of annual strategy off-sites with their flipcharts and wine glasses, we must dig deeper. These events often involve a select group of executives brainstorming but may yield limited value.

  2. Buzzword Blind Spot: It's time to move past the surface and delve into the substance. Collecting buzzwords to appear future-focused while replicating past successes is a common pitfall that needs to be recognised.

  3. Ornamental Strategy Blind Spot: Don't be content with merely hanging strategy documents on the wall like decorative art. Strategy isn't wishful thinking; it requires a clear roadmap, not just lofty ambitions.

  4. Weighty Document Blind Spot: Rather than getting lost in the complexity of dense strategic plans, we should focus on prioritising relevance, clarity, and the potential for transformative impact.

  5. Execution Blind Spot: Going beyond theory is essential. Strategy isn't just a theoretical document—it's a living, breathing blueprint for action. As Thomas Edison wisely observed, a vision without execution is tantamount to hallucination.

I've shared a few common blind spots here, but I'd love to hear about the blind spots you've encountered in your own experiences. Let's continue the conversation and explore how we can navigate these challenges together

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Author: Anael Granoux