It's Not Just One Strategist, But Three

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Oct 2, 2023

We Were Wrong All This Time: It's Not Just One Strategist, But Three.

In the bustling corridors of business, the role of the 'head of strategy' is often seen as that of a visionary leader, steering the organization's course. They are expected to possess an intimate understanding of industry trends, whispering insights into the CEO's ear, and shaping the company's overarching direction.

But, let's challenge that limited perspective. I propose not one, but three distinct roles of a strategist: 1. The Strategy Chemist, 2. The Strategy Pilot, and 3. The Strategy Coach.

1. The Strategy Chemist:

Think of the Strategy Executive in this role as a 'strategy chemist'. Their core responsibility is to orchestrate the strategic planning process within the organisation. They meticulously analyse the market, decode emerging trends, and cultivate a profound understanding of customers through exhaustive research and trend analysis. They experiment with a myriad of strategies, formulas, and innovative approaches, fostering a climate of brainstorming and creative problem-solving.

2. The Strategy Pilot:

Picture the Strategy Executive as a 'strategy pilot'. Their mission is to navigate the execution of the defined strategy. They craft an execution dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of the progress of key initiatives linked to the strategy, aiding in its meticulous monitoring and measurement. These strategists actively steer initiatives, making agile decisions to adapt, halt, or initiate new actions based on the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring every move aligns with strategic goals. The emphasis here is on propelling the organisation toward the coveted strategic objectives.

3. The Strategy Coach:

In this coaching role, the Strategy Executive focuses on the human dimension of strategy. They toil to ensure that every team member or stakeholder involved comprehends the transformation imperative and is fervently motivated to contribute to the shared strategic vision. These strategists nurture a culture of unity and collaboration, rallying all the team to row in sync towards the common strategic destination, with open arms for change. Effective communication and adept leadership skills become paramount as they motivate and engage employees and stakeholders.

Fellow strategy professionals, do you concur? I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

Let's elevate the strategy game together..."

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Author: Anael Granoux