Our top five tips for massvie strategy failure

Post date :

Jan 31, 2024

1. Surface-Level Spectacle:
Tip: Invest heavily in grand strategy off-site events. Keep discussions superficial and flashy, prioritizing appearances over substance. Result: Limited value creation and a facade of progress.

2. Buzzword Overload:
Tip: Flood the strategy with industry buzzwords and strategic jargon. Create an environment of ambiguity to appear sophisticated. Outcome: Confusion and a strategic landscape obscured by trendy language.

3. Illusion of Vision:
Tip: Generate numerous strategy documents with polished presentations. Focus on lofty ambitions without providing a practical roadmap. Caution: Creates the illusion of progress while lacking strategic direction.

4. Complexity Obsession:

Tip: Dive into the complexity of strategic plans and convoluted frameworks. Prioritise intricacy over clarity, leaving stakeholders bewildered. Warning: Strategic landscape becomes a treacherous journey, leading to paralysis.

5. Execution Delay:
Tip: Craft theoretical execution plans without real-world implementation. Embrace inaction and procrastination. Result: A mirage of progress, leaving strategic goals unmet upon closer inspection.

Otherwise, you can reach out to our team of strategy experts, and craft and implement a proper strategy ;)

Author: Anael Granoux