Strategic Revolution

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Dec 5, 2023

From Strategic Evolution to Strategic Revolution 🌟

Strategic Evolution often entails listening to your employees, which is a step in the right direction.

Strategic Revolution is a paradigm shift that hands power to your stakeholders to ensure bigger strategic success.

To make this revolution happen, consider these three pivotal twists:

  1. 1Strategy for your stakeholders: Develop a strategy where success isn't solely measured by shareholder returns but also by the well-being of other key stakeholders: encompassing society, the environment, employees, communities, ... The choice is yours to make.

  2. Strategy by your stakeholders: Base your strategy on your human resources' capacity rather than wishful thinking and empty hopes. Prioritize strategic initiatives according to your key employees' time constraints; after all, they have only 24 hours in a day. Pushing too hard can lead to burnout and demotivation.

  3. Strategy with your stakehodlers: Trust your employees by empowering them to contribute actively to the ongoing transformation. Let them decide where they can make the most impact, which outcomes to focus on, and which strategic initiatives to champion. Remember, your team's support is paramount for a successful transformation. Let's collaborate to craft a tailored strategy execution approach that empowers both your team and your vision.

Now, have I ventured too far into my French Revolutionary Spirit?

What are your thoughts on the importance of team empowerment? I'd love to hear your insights! 💬

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Author: Anael Granoux