The day after the Strategy Workshop

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Dec 31, 2023


In the world of business, strategy is the compass that guides us towards our goals.

But here's the question: Are we truly getting the most out of our strategies? It's time to address a crucial missing piece in the puzzle—a gap even my dear colleagues and friends from the big strategy firms (Bain, BCG, McKinsey, ...) sometimes overlook: execution. While these firms excel at crafting brilliant blueprints, often the focus stops at the definition stage. But a beautifully designed map is useless without the journey.

The truth is, execution is the heart and soul of success. It's about translating those strategic ideas into tangible results, navigating challenges, and adapting along the way. Without it, even the most brilliant strategies remain unrealised dreams.

So, are we missing something? Yes, we are. We're missing the bridge that connects strategy and results.

🔗 Let's Build the Bridge Together 🔗

I invite all my fellow strategists, leaders, and followers to join this conversation. It's time to emphasize the importance of strategy definition, strategy execution and strategy empowerment. Let's discuss real-world challenges, share insights, and inspire one another to bridge the gap between our dreams and real outcomes.

💡 Share Your Insights 💡

Have you encountered roadblocks in strategy execution, even with the support of top strategy firms? Have you witnessed the transformative power of effective execution? Share your stories, experiences, and ideas in the comments below.

🤝 Together, We Can Achieve More 🤝

I firmly believe that when strategy and execution unite, magic happens. Let's build solutions that work, together. Are you in?

Author: Anael Granoux