You measure strategy wrongly

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Dec 5, 2023

Wrong strategic measures
Wrong strategic measures
Wrong strategic measures

You measure strategy wrongly. Some twists can change everything.

OKR, BSC, MBO, and many more—these acronyms are all too familiar in the world of strategy measurement. But what if I told you there's a simple twist that could revolutionize how you gauge your strategic success?

🔄 I've spent two decades as a strategy execution consultant, delving into various monitoring models and tools. They can be flashy, intricate, and time-consuming, yet more often than not, they fall short of delivering true efficiency in tracking your strategy. Allow me to introduce a three-step approach that can elevate the strategic impact of your strategy monitoring model:

🚀 Step 1 - AIM

Create a concise, one-page document showcasing your clear strategic objectives (limit: 20). We call this the AIM Strat-page, and it forms the bedrock of your strategy execution framework.

🗺️ Step 2 - ACT

Develop another one-pager, this time listing your prioritized strategic initiatives (limit: 15 per year) aimed at addressing all your strategic objectives. We call this the ACT Strat-page, your transformative roadmap.

🔍 Step 3 - TRACK

Establish two distinct tracking mechanisms. The first monitors your progress in executing strategic initiatives (Are you doing what you set out to do?). The second tracks your progress in achieving strategic objectives (Are you hitting your strategic targets?).

Ready to explore further? Reach out to our team directly, and we would be delighted to share case studies illustrating the power of this strategy execution framework.

Let's redefine how you measure success together! 💡

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Author: Anael Granoux