Your Boarding Pass to Your Strategic Moonshot

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Aug 8, 2023

Dear Strategy Traveler,

🌌 Prepare to leave Earth's bounds behind and embark on a cosmic escapade that will redefine your strategy. Welcome aboard Strategy Reignited 2050! Buckle up, because this journey is going to be out of this world.

Flight Details: Strategy Reignited 2050

🛫 Destination: Your Moonshot (and beyond?)

📅 Departure Date: 1st of October

⏰ Departure Time: 8:88 am

⏳ Duration: 8 light years


Before blasting off, arrive on time at our interstellar terminal. Don't forget your extra-terrestrial passport. Your adventure begins here.


Pack light for this interstellar odyssey. Bring an open mind, a handbag of ideas, and a coat of experience. Leave behind business-as-usual thinking and unconstructive approaches.

In-Flight Amenities:

Once aboard the flight Strategy Reignited 2050, enjoy breathtaking views of the cosmos. Our spaceship features The Definition Lab for shooting star observations, The Execution Cockpit for holographic tracking, and The Engine Room for collaborative empowerment. Our cosmic crew is here to serve you with strategies and execution frameworks that are literally out of this world!

Activities and Sightseeing:

During your celestial journey, participate in co-creating thought leadership, immersive learning workshops, and value-focused advisory assignments.

Unforeseen Encounters:

Be ready for unexpected encounters with extra-terrestrial lifeforms, including some of our team members.

Upon Arrival:

As you return to Earth, carry unforgettable memories and a toolbox full of implementable tips. If you experience "post-space travel blues," you must urgently join "the 8% club" of Space Travel Alumni for ongoing insights, tools and networking.

Remember, the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning!

Bon voyage,

Anael Granoux

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