Zombie strategy department

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Jan 31, 2024

It's not a secret: too many strategy departments add too little value and create tons of irrelevant red-tape. I have witnessed several of them focusing on irrelevant processes, and missing on their strategic enablement role. I called them zombie strategy departments. Maybe too pejoratively, my apologies. But you get my point. The question is how to bring them back to life.

I would like to suggest three twists that can hopefully revamp and reenergise the entire way to approach and work on strategy for these teams, moving from strategic zombies to strategic heroes:

Twist number 1: Build the SIA (Strategic Intelligence Agency) - Seek clarity, not certainty. This fast changing world is not going to slow down to allow a deeper strategic intelligence. Future is inherently uncertain, but your team should look for clarity in the trends idenitfied. Tip: use scenario planning and war game if needed

Twist number 2: Build the SBI (Strategic Bureau of Implementation) - Aim for achievements, not only actions. Your ultimate role is not to implement a portfolio of strategic initiatives, but to achieve ambitious goals and reach your strategic direction. Tip: use Aim Stratpage (see link) as well as Act Stratpage.

Twist number 3: Build the SPD (Strategic Power Depasrtment) - Stop trying to execute the strategy on behalf of everyone else. Instead, empower people. Create a system of believe that deeply motivate people to play their strategic role. Tip: use trust based alignment tools, communicate communicate communicate, if you can't change the people, change the people.

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Author: Anael Granoux